What’s a wise choice to avoid being the target of a killer bee? The wasp is not scary in Japan.-English-

What to do if you’ve encountered a wasp.

The difficulty may be high, but don’t run, don’t make a fuss, stay low and back away slowly to take the distance.
The wasp will attack in response to sudden movements and loud noises, so be patient with your screams.

Also, even if the wasp looks dead, you should never touch it with your hands.
This is because even if the head or chest is gone, if only the abdomen is present, it can reflexively sting with a poisonous needle.
Bad luck with the bee. What to do if you’ve encountered a wasp.

If you are unfortunate enough to be stung by a bee, it can cause pain, low blood pressure, destruction of body tissues, and allergy symptoms.
Anaphylactic shock (a state of shock with symptoms such as low blood pressure and impaired consciousness) is the appearance of severe, life-threatening systemic symptoms. Washing with water while squeezing out the poison is effective, but don’t suck out the poison with your mouth at this time.
If you accidentally swallow it or have a wound in your mouth, that’s where the poison can get in. Please go to the hospital as soon as possible just to be sure, and have a doctor treat you.

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