The relationship between Chinese herbal medicine and male infertility (it also improves gray hair) -English-

Maintaining Men’s Health for Pregnancy

There is the issue of sex frequency in infertility counseling.
I can’t help but feel less of it because of my busy work life, fatigue and stress.
If a woman is only allowed to meet her ovulation for one day, the chances of fertilization are low.
In addition, couples who have undergone artificial insemination or IVF may not have a sex life at all.
Men need to make an effort to stay healthy and energetic, not only for fertility, but also for their jobs, their hobbies, and for the children that will be born.
Rather than doing everything yourself, it would be nice to be able to continue your health regimen without exerting yourself by using Chinese medicine.

Fatigue Type

Are you working too hard?
Anyway, you’re busy, you don’t get home at all, and of course you have to work overtime on your days off.
The body chronically complains of fatigue.
My body doesn’t recover when I rest.
This is the type of person who refuses to engage in sexual activity that requires energy because they have no physical savings.
First of all, you need a Chinese medicine that takes away your fatigue and improves your energy at the same time.
Let’s get well with complementary qi and yin.

Stress Type.

Mental exhaustion due to relationships, such as work, friends and family, can reduce a man’s energy.
Fertility treatments can also be stressful for men.
They often feel stressed out about scheduled sexual activities and semen tests at the hospital.
The more you try to work hard, the more stress builds up in your body.
The body then becomes unable to move according to its own will.
In times like these, there are Chinese herbs that have anti-stress properties while relaxing the body and relieving fatigue.

waning type

Have you noticed an increase in gray hair? Have you been feeling old lately? I have more gray hair, weakened legs, had a major illness, and ejaculated prematurely.
I think I know something, don’t I?
After the age of 40, men are suddenly more likely to feel the effects of aging.
This type has a full-blown decline in sexual function.
It prevents the aging of the body, rejuvenates the body’s strength and energy, and enhances sexual function.
It takes a little longer, but the renal medication is effective.

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