Stress and brain fatigue can lead to amnesia, insomnia, and anemia. Chinese herbal medicine is effective.-English-

Both the heart, which is responsible for circulating blood throughout the body, and the spleen, which is responsible for digestion and absorption and generates qi and blood, are weakened. When the brain is overburdened by stress, worries or overthinking, it affects the mind and spleen and their functions are lowered, and the symptoms of ‘heart and blood emptiness’ and ‘spleen emptiness’ often appear at the same time.

Symptoms of heart and blood exhaustion
The mind grasps the spirit, consciousness, thoughts, and blood vessels. Also, energy such as qi-blood is the basis of psychic activity. When it becomes heart and blood emptiness, the donation of qi-blood etc. to the brain becomes impossible and causes the symptom of forgetfulness, inability to understand a person’s story, impatience, anxiety, a shallow sleep, and insomnia.

Symptoms of Spleen Qi Qi
The spleen has two main actions, one is to digest and absorb food, generate energy such as qi-blood and carry it throughout the body, and the other is to manage blood circulation and prevent blood from leaking out of the blood vessels. If the workings of the spleen are stagnant, it becomes a state of so-called “Spleen Qi Qi Qi”, which leads to indigestion and fatigue of the whole body, and symptoms such as subcutaneous bleeding and menstrual irregularities appear.

Contains 10 herbal medicines, including party ginseng and longan meat. It nourishes the heart and blood, stabilizes the mind, consciousness, and thoughts, supplements the spleen qi, energizes the workings of the stomach and intestines, and improves the symptoms of both heart and spleen emptiness.

party participation TOJIN
A vine perennial plant of the Asteraceae family. In China, it has been used for a long time as a tonic, strong-minded and healthy spleen remedy for fatigue and weak constitution.

Long-eyed meat RYUGANNIKU
Ryuugan is a small evergreen tree or fruit of the genus Mukuroji in the family Mukuroji. The dried pulp is called “Ryuganniku”. It is said to be effective in replenishing blood and tonicizing the body.

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