More than 1,000 more than usual deaths in Tokyo in April were due to an increase in suicides.-English-

In the past five years, the average number of deaths in Tokyo in April was 9,049, and in 2020 the number will be 10,107.

There were more deaths in March and April 2020 than in any other year.
An unusually high number of deaths is usually suspected to be due to the influenza virus. However, the winter 2019/20 influenza virus epidemic in 2019/20 was earlier than usual in March and There is. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that these excess deaths were caused by the novel coronavirus in some way.

In other words, in addition to deaths caused by the new coronavirus, they must also include deaths caused indirectly by the social and psychological effects of the spread of the virus, i.e., deaths from illnesses caused by hospitals having difficulty accepting general patients or not going to hospitals for fear of being infected, as well as deaths from suicide due to economic or psychological reasons.

The cumulative number of deaths from the new coronavirus announced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was 314 as of June 14, but the number of deaths from 4 At the end of the month, there were 120. When the aforementioned excess deaths for March and April are combined, the total number of excess deaths for March and April is 1481, so the actual number of deaths is the published figure of That means more than 10 times.

The new coronavirus is scary, but the economic paralysis is equally scary.

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