Lower back pain and herbal medicine(English)

Enhance your sanity, strengthen your kidney and improve your back pain

Back pain is always featured in weekly and health magazines.
In men, 57.1 percent of women report experiencing low back pain to the point of needing treatment, and 51.1 percent of men report experiencing low back pain to the point of needing treatment.
This means that one in two people have suffered from back pain.
There are so many.

The back pain is recurring

Another data shows that 7 out of 10 adults are experiencing back pain.
If you’ve noticed, Japan is a big back pain country.
Lower back pain has been a fate since mankind started walking on two legs, but the “weak back” of the Japanese is too serious.
Politics is also weak, though.

Cold and warm weather and back pain

You’ve noticed that back pain is more susceptible to climatic conditions.
Cold and dampness in particular can cause pain.
It often worsens during the fall and winter months, but this spring (2020), more people are complaining of pain than usual due to the extreme cold and warm weather.

Back pain can be improved by building up your body

The Chinese herbal remedy for back pain is to strengthen the resistance and immunity (sanity) and improve the function of the whole body to cope with the pain.
The idea is that if your sanity is full in your body, you can drive away the evil spirits.
In Chinese herbal medicine, it is said that “the waist is the province of the kidney”.
So much so that the hips and the kidneys are closely related.
The weakness of the kidney such as age (renal emptiness) is easy to appear as a backache.
In order to improve the lower back pain as a countermeasure in Chinese medicine, the treatment method to enhance sanity by strengthening the kidney and supplementing the qi-blood is basic.

As for the contents, Dokkatsu, breeze and thin spices have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and Eucommia and Mulberry have effects to supplement the kidney and strengthen the waist, knee, bone and muscle.
In addition, it is blended with cinnabar medicines such as ginseng and whitezhu, which supplement Qi, and tanggui, dichuan and chuanghu, which supplement blood. It is said to be effective for chronic back pain, joint pain and sciatica.


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