I’ve come to think of my husband as “I wish he would die.(English)

What men need to be aware of

I found an investigative article like this.

How the wives of many wives came to think that their husbands should die.
In the beginning of our marriage, my husband was supposed to be more important than anyone else. As the years passed, she began to wish for her husband’s death or an affair, or to want to leave him…..


It’s not okay to be okay

Love cools down, people’s hearts change.
Men often mistakenly think that they understand their wives.
It’s almost a misunderstanding.
Isn’t it because there is nothing to talk about?

Share your hobby world

I just happened to come across a car called the Copen.
It is a two-seater open car.
As a couple, we go for more drives than ever before.
Just the two of us driving.
Conversations have also increased.
Surprisingly, I found myself wanting to get my act together.
My friends all have families, and they are getting older.
Retirement and so on.
When this happens, the only person who is willing to be a partner with me is my wife.
You don’t notice it when you’re young.
However, if you don’t bond with your wife while you’re young, you may end up spending your old age alone.


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