It is easy to catch a cold or flu if it suddenly cools down. Beware of coronaviruses as well.(English)

It helps the body to warm the surface of the body.

We will explain the case and flu from the standpoint of Chinese medicine.
First of all, one of the basic concepts of Chinese medicine is the existence of “chi”.
It is the life energy that flows through the body unseen.
In Chinese medicine, it is believed that if the chi, the life energy, is stagnant, it will lead to illness.

People have a barrier function.

The qi circulating on the surface of the body is called “senki” and is at the forefront of protecting the body, keeping it warm, controlling the sweat glands, and preventing the invasion of disease.
It’s a barrier function.
When the body cools down rapidly, the capillaries on the surface of the body are constricted, causing poor blood circulation, as well as worsening the flow of the body’s guardian qi, significantly reducing the body’s ability to defend itself against external evil.
In addition to symptoms such as cold and chills on the surface of the body, sluggishness can lead to a variety of other physical conditions such as sneezing, fever, diarrhea, lethargy, menstrual irregularities, and joint pain.

Now is the time to strengthen the barrier function.

There are various treatments and prescriptions in Chinese herbal medicine for the symptoms caused by this stagnation of qi.
There is a Chinese medicine that helps the body’s guard and warms the surface of the body while pushing the cold air out of the body by perspiration.

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