Improving the constitution of women according to their specific types. A type of stunted blood flow. (English)

A type of “Oketsu” where blood flow is stagnant.

First of all, “Oketsu” is a word used in Chinese medicine, meaning that the flow of blood is not good.
The flow of blood is used more extensively than you might think.


Heavy menstrual cramps and delayed cycles.
The amount of menstrual blood in your period is high and sticky. A lever-like mass is prominent.
Dull skin, freckles and blemishes are a concern.
Sunburn scars and scars are hard to get rid of.
Prone to blue bruising.
I have chronic headaches and stiff shoulders.


Improve blood circulation with moderate exercise and diet, and be careful not to eat too much cold food.
In particular, more and more women are eating too much cold food in the summer at cafes and other places.

Lifestyle and exercise
Be sure to exercise moderately to improve blood circulation.
If you have strong menstrual cramps and are concerned about coldness in your lower body, we recommend walking to improve blood circulation in your pelvis.
Walk a station on your commute to work, or take a light walk during your breaks.
If you have a bad complexion, headaches, or stiff shoulders, an up-and-down hand exercise to improve circulation in the upper body is a good idea.
With your palms facing down, extend your arms and raise them up and lower them 10 more times.

Pressing the “Kekai” with your fingers
It is located two fingers up from the inner edge of the knee.
It works to improve the flow of blood.

Be sure to include foods that improve blood circulation, such as ginger, garlic, garlic stalks, and lemon juice.
Rose tea, cinnamon tea, safflower and black tea are also recommended.
Tomatoes, celery and parsley also have blood-circulating properties.
However, it should be eaten as warm as possible, such as in soups and stir-fries, rather than cold.
Celery is tastier and more generous when cooked quickly before serving in a salad.

The three major causes of blood stasis are coldness, stress and overwork.
Be especially careful not to eat too much cold food, as it will slow down your blood circulation.
Avoid eating raw vegetables in the winter or on days when the air conditioning is cold, and always eat them warm.
Also, sitting for long periods of time can lead to poor blood circulation in the pelvis, which can cause menstrual cramps to worsen.
It is important to stand, move, and walk lightly for an hour or two at a time.

女性特有のタイプ別体質改善 血が滞った「瘀血(おけつ)」編

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