“Drinking eye drops” exists in Chinese medicine.(English)

The modern era of overuse of the eyes

Everyone has a smartphone.
We receive many consultations for tiredness, blurred vision, vision loss, and dryness of the eyes (dry eye) due to overuse of the eyes.
This time, it’s about eye health methods.

The basis of Chinese herbal medicine, that all parts of the body are organically connected.
It is especially concerned with the relationship between the internal organs and the five holes in the body of the general population.
As the classic saying goes, “The liver is the stuff of the eye and the general stuff of the body”, the eyes have a deep connection with the liver.

The visceral connection to the eyes

About the eye and its relationship to each organ.
In Chinese herbal medicine, there are certain organs that are affected by the eye area.
The pupil is related to the kidney, the black eye to the liver, the white eye to the lungs, the head and butt of the eye to the heart, and the eyelids to the spleen (digestive system), and so on.
The most important thing for eye health is the pupil-renal and black eye-liver relationship.

The important organs of the body

The liver and kidney are at the center of life’s activities.
These two organs complement each other’s work.
As for the eyes, the renal essence (life energy) stored in the kidney cooperates with the blood of the liver to make a plate (nutrient) in the eyes and promote the metabolism of the eyes.
If you use your eyes too much, they will drain your semen.
This can lead to eye problems such as eye fatigue and diminished vision.

The reason why presbyopia and senile cataracts are triggered is that the liver and kidneys deteriorate with age.
There are prescriptions that strengthen the workings of the liver and kidneys at the same time.
Kujikuji黄丸, which is made by adding kuko and chrysanthemum to Rokumiji黄丸.
Chrysanthemum has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney and increasing the concentration of blood, and Chrysanthemum has the effect of controlling redness of the eyes and restoring eyesight.
Kirikuji黄丸, which has a wide range of applications for the improvement of eye symptoms, is known as a “daily dose”.

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