Current status of new coronavirus infections.-English-

Outbreak in Japan (5 May, 12:00)

There have been 15,231 cases of infection associated with the new coronavirus in Japan.
This includes 9,053 patients, 1,077 asymptomatic pathogen carriers, and 5,101 confirmed positive cases (with or without symptoms confirmed). There were 521 deaths in the country.
In addition, there were 4,587 people discharged from the hospital in the country.


9,053 patients (9,007 domestic cases, 11 charter flight return cases, 35 airport quarantine cases).

1,077 cases of asymptomatic pathogen carriers.
(961 domestic cases, 4 charter flight returnees, 112 airport quarantine cases).

5,101 confirmed positive cases (5,101 domestic cases).

There were 6,702 Japanese nationals and 225 foreign nationals (other nationals are under verification).

Number of PCR tests performed

The number of PCR tests conducted in Japan (National Institute of Infectious Diseases, quarantine stations, local health laboratories and health centers, etc.) from February 18 to May 3 was 283,306*, with the data for May 4 being counted.
The above figures are provisional and are subject to change.

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