Chinese herbal medicine for a new coronavirus is a problem in China(English)

Handling of Chinese medicine in China

Since there is no medicine or vaccine for the coronavirus in China, there is a lot of interest in Chinese herbal medicine.

The spread of the infection has caused panic among the people, and various medicines are being focused on to build on the momentum. In the past, the Chinese herbal medicine “Banlan root” became an unexpected “sealing deity” during SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), but this time “Shuang Huang Renkou Liquid” was sold out overnight.

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Unexpected news has come to us.
It feels like China is in a panic.

What we know in chronological order

December 12.
Development of viral pneumonia of unknown cause.
January 5.
Chinese government rules out the possibility of SARS and MERS among the six “human coronaviruses”.
January 6.
The announcement of a new coronavirus.
January 9.
59 (8 were discharged, 7 were seriously ill).
January 10.
Publication of the genome sequence of a new coronavirus.
January 11.
The first death from pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus.
January 16.
A new type of coronavirus is confirmed in Japan for the first time.
January 21.
The first paper from the genome sequence information was published.
January 23.
Wuhan City Blockade.
January 28.
Japanese government designates pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus as a designated infectious disease, which came into effect on February 7 (ahead of schedule).
January 31.
Number of people infected in China: about 7,800 (believed to be those who have been diagnosed).

China’s technological capabilities

Here’s what you can see when you put them together
It is the high level of Chinese technology.
It is amazing that the genome sequence can be made public in such a short period of time.
You should know a lot about it from the way you’ve been doing it.
In addition, because of the large number of patients in clinical practice, it is thought that Chinese medicine and herbal medicines are being narrowed down.
In China, I heard that the country asked the manufacturer to provide SARS.

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