Abigan’s(Favipiravir) clinical results in China are positive(English)

China’s approach is different from Japan’s

Little by little, the response to the treatment of the coronavirus (a new type of pneumonia) is becoming apparent.
I feel that the response is very different from country to country.

Abigan, a new coronavirus treatment, shows good clinical results in China – Chinese media

There is an urgent need to develop a new type of coronavirus treatment worldwide. At the moment, the two most anticipated drugs are the new American drug Remdesivir and the Japanese drug Avigan. In China, the anti-flu drug favipiravir “Avigan(Favipiravir)” is also gaining therapeutic benefits.

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China is ahead of us

This time, I would like to show you the clinical trial data of “Avigan(Favipiravir)” developed in Japan, which was the source of the previous article.
The translation from Chinese to Japanese is a little strange, but the meaning is understandable.

Clinical efficacy of Avigan (科技日報)

Avigan(Favipiravir) was approved in Japan in 2014 and has had a small bad reaction after long-term application.
No apparent adverse reactions were observed in the two-stage clinical study.

A clinical study on the safety and efficacy of Avigan(Favipiravir) as a treatment for a new type of pneumonia was conducted at Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital.
The number of patients tested was 80 (35 in the Abigan group and 45 in the positive target group).
clinical signs
Two days after the experimental combination, the antipyretic rate reached 72.4%, which was increased by 26.30% depending on the target group.
The viral nucleic acid turns positive.
The mean median viral nucleic acid turning negative in patients treated with abigan was significantly shortened (4 days: 11 days, a significant difference)
Improved chest imaging
The improvement rate of the two sets of patient chest images is 91.43% and 62.22%.
Adverse reactions (side effects)
There is a significant difference in the poor response of the Abigan pair (11.43%) and the target pair (55.56%).
Adverse reaction (side effect)
The poor response of the Abigan pair was 11.43%, compared to 55.56% for the control pair, which is a significant difference.


According to many central clinical studies for the treatment of new types of pneumonia, the Abigan Group’s 7-day clinical recovery rate exceeds 80%, the treatment effect is better, and the average hospitalization time is clearly shortened.

availability of the drug
In February of this year, a domestic enterprise received a tablet registration permit from the State Pharmaceutical Administration, which enables mass production and guarantees the supply of clinical drugs.
Believing that Abigan’s(Favipiravir) safety is good and the treatment effect is clear, the experts in the research and development team formally recommended to the medical treatment team to put it into the treatment plan as soon as possible by fully arguing.
Science and Technology Daily.


From the content of this article, it seems that Avigan(Favipiravir) is already being used as a treatment for coronavirus (a new type of pneumonia) in China.
In addition, the mass production system seems to be in place.
There is still a part of clinical practice in Japan that remains to be seen.


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