Abigan has not been argued on a scientific basis.-English-

Currently, there are no therapeutic agents that have been shown to be effective against new coronavirus infections.
There are several candidates for treatment, and the world is scrutinizing their effectiveness.
However, in Japan, there are many reports about Abigan as if it is effective.
In fact, the impact of “Abigan-biased reporting” is beginning to emerge in the clinical setting.

This is what has been sporadically reported as if Avigan will work for the new corona.

Most new corona patients will get better even without taking Avigan.

To begin with, the new coronavirus infection is an infectious disease that most people are cured of.
As of April 24, 2020, the fatality rate of new coronavirus infections in Japan is less than 2%.
This means that it is an infection that most people will be cured of and will get better with or without Avigan.

What is the effect of Avigan on new coronavirus infections?

In terms of the effect of favipiravir on new coronaviruses, the viral inhibitory effect of favipiravir when infecting Vero cells with new coronaviruses has been evaluated at the laboratory level, but the inhibitory effect was lower than that of drugs such as remdesivir and chloroquine.
However, the paper concludes that “favipiravir does not have a high viral inhibitory effect on Ebola virus, even in vero cells, yet it has shown therapeutic effects in a mouse model of infection, so the effect should be tested in vivo (rather than in experiments with infected cells).
Normally, we do not administer the drug to humans, but instead study its effects in animal models such as mice, and it is thought that the decision to administer the drug to humans (patients with new coronavirus infection) was made based on the judgment that “the new coronavirus infection is a global emergency situation.

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